Adding Contacts Vs Updating Contacts

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MeetPAT offers you 2 different options when it comes to your contact lists.

You can either add new contacts to your database, or you can update existing contacts. Each of these processes works in a different way, which we'll explain briefly below.

Adding New Contacts

Add your existing customer lists to MeetPAT so that they're available in your data visualisation for filtering and creating audiences.

  1. Upload your customer list to MeetPAT.
  2. The system verifies the integrity of your file.
  3. The system confirms that your package is sufficient for the number of contacts you're uploading.
  4. The new contacts are checked against your existing contacts.
  5. New unique contacts are passed to the data provider for enrichment.
  6. Enriched data for matched contacts is returned by the data provider.
  7. Returned contact data is added to your customer database.
  8. New data becomes available on your dashboard.

Please Note: Only 1 file at a time can be processed, so this process can take from a few minutes, to a few hours, depending on the size of the queue. You will receive an email notification once the dashboard has been updated, and the dashboard will be unavailable until the process completes.

Updating Existing Contacts

In addition to adding new contacts, you can update your existing contacts and add new data to them to help enhance your dashboard data analysis. 

For example, you might have a contact who requested a quote, and later purchased from a specific branch. You can update this contact with their branch if you like.

The process is similar to adding a new contact, but the data will not be re-sent to the data provider, but rather updated in your own dashboard only.

The process will be as follows:

  1. Upload your file to MeetPAT.
  2. The system verifies the integrity of your file.
  3. The system analyses your file and matches it with your existing customer data.
  4. The custom fields for those contacts are updated.
  5. You can now view this information in your dashboard.
Please Note: When you upload your file to update contacts, any data that does not match the existing data will be removed. Only data which matches the existing data can be updated.

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